How to Write & Use Affirmations For Success

What Are Affirmations

A short definition of an affirmation is that it is a statement asserting the existence or truth of something. Knowing how to write and use positive affirmations will start a new thought process, enable you to brush off the doubts and fears that confine you to self-inflicted limitations and enable you to visualize the outcomes that you want to manifest in your life.

How To Write Positive Affirmations

Use active verbs in your affirmations. Getting, doing, having, learning, loving, and earning are all words that immediately show an image of action to your inner self. The more clearly you can see the action in your mind the more powerful the impact of the affirmation will be.

Affirm the positive not the negative. There is an old song that says, - "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and do not mess with Mr. In-between". Always choose words to reflect the positive results you desire. For example: “Each day I happily choose food that supports my healthy body” is much more powerful than - "I am losing weight”.

Notice that both positive affirmations center on choice and health. The basic self (subconscious mind) loves to have a choice. The other two affirmations center on deprivation of no smoking, losing weight. A fear of being deprived can launch the exact behavior you wish to discontinue. How many times have you decided to go on a diet only to begin craving forbidden foods the instant you made the decision?

Keep Your Affirmations Short & Sweet

Affirmations that are simple to remember and repeat will have the most impact. It is more effective to use three short statements that are easily spoken.

Attach strong emotion to your affirmations. When making your affirmations use words that evoke strong feelings in you. When you are saying your affirmations, even silently to yourself, say them with strong emotion. Here is an example: See it when you say it. Stand tall, stride around the room, and throw your arms out wide.

If you are in a place where you are saying your affirmations silently then see yourself taking these physical actions in your mind‘s eye while you're repeating your affirmations.

Practice the physical part of saying your affirmations whenever you get the chance. This way you will have a solid anchor of yourself going through these movements for those times when you need to visualize the movement and you silently say the affirmation.

Use present tense words. "I am now receiving", "I am doing", "I now have", choosing these phrases send the message to your basic self that your desired result exists right now.

It is the responsibility of your basic self to fulfill your directives as quickly as possible. If you put your affirmations in the future tense, as in "I will" or "I am going to" then your basic self has no clear directive to act now. Your desired goal will continue to stay in the future because that is the information you are putting out.

Say what you mean. If your affirmation is - "I am a powerful communicator", be sure that you have clearly defined to yourself exactly what actions a powerful communicator does.

Remember that words are symbols for our thoughts. Each word or combination of words carries the energy of an image (thought) specific to you. Word your affirmations to get the exact results you desire. Invest in a good thesaurus. The more words you have at your command the more precise you can be in wording your affirmation.

Many teachers and motivational speakers use this technique. Here is how it works. Choose a time and place when you can be uninterrupted for a while. Start saying your affirmations aloud using lots of movement and great emotional energy.

This can be as easy as touching your forehead with your index finger, clenching your fist, touching your thumb and pinky finger together or any physical activity you can assign as your specific anchor action. Avoid choosing a noise action like snapping your fingers or tapping your foot because there may be times when you will want to use your anchor unobtrusively. Also, whichever action you choose, use it specifically as an anchor for your affirmations. If you have a habit of scratching your ear while concentrating then that may not be as effective for you as a new behavior assigned to your affirmations.

As you begin each affirmation, do the action. Put all of your energy and emotion into this. Go over the top, as if you are on stage. Say the affirmation, do the action. Say the affirmation, do the action. Do this for 30 minutes or more if you can. This may sound like a lot at first but you are building your desired lifestyle.

Every time you do the action at the peak of your emotional energy while saying your affirmation, you are creating a direct link between this action and your affirmation energy. You will be able to bring up the power of your affirmation any time in the future just by doing this action.

You can be in an elevator surrounded by other people and start using your anchor motion. By the time you reach your floor you will be pumped, as if you had just spent 30 minutes shouting out your affirmations. The more you use the anchor the firmer that connection will be.

Make your affirmations true and realistic. Your affirmations are your directive. Choose the words and phrases that are true for you. Other people may make suggestions and even give you already written affirmations. Use what is meaningful to you and discard the rest. Affirmations created by others may never be as powerful for you as the affirmations you create and believe for yourself.

There are no ‘shoulds’ in personal affirmations. You are responsible for the results that you create in your life by the actions that you choose. Listen to the input that others may offer you and then make your own decisions. Action follows thought. What you decide to think, what you constantly affirm, will determine your action.

A very important guideline for creating affirmations is that your affirmations apply only to you!

You may affirm that you are a more loving husband; you may affirm that you have a nurturing relationship with your wife, but if you try to affirm that your wife is more loving, then you are moving into the realm of psychic manipulation. Affirmations are based on your words and thoughts and apply to your life, not to others.

How To Use Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are one of the single most powerful tools for creating abundance and the great thing about it is that this process is readily available to anybody for absolutely no charge. Whether you realize it or not you use affirmations to create the experiences of your life right now. Everything that happens, positive or negative, is drawn to you by your thoughts, words, and actions. Affirmations are the expression of your thought, words and actions. This is the Law of Attraction and it is a universal law. All mankind is bound by this law, whether they believe in it or not.

The Power of Words & Thoughts

A very easy definition of an affirmation is that it's a statement asserting the existence or truth of something. For instance, if you say to yourself - "I do not enter contests. I'm not lucky, I never win". Then you have created this statement as an affirmation. You are asserting that you are not a winner. This might be a statement of fact or it may not. Maybe the fact is that you sometimes win things, or experience luck and sometimes you do not. What is more significant here is you asserting that you don not win. If you hold that thought and image consistently you will behave in ways consistent with that belief. Perhaps the most powerful affirmation of all time comes to us from Rene Descartes: "I think therefore I Am."

Each of us produces our particular reality in life by the words we speak and the thoughts we think. When you realize the power of words and thoughts, you will demonstrate dynamic life changing results for yourself using positive affirmations as one of your instruments. If you begin to use small happy affirmations, you may be pleasantly surprised to note how much better your day goes. We all can benefit from acquiring thought and speech patterns by replacing the negative with positive, powerful and enlightening images. Positive affirmations are the very best tool to achieve this change.

Try an experiment. Identify the source of negative messages you receive from other people and eliminate that source for an entire month. It may seem odd at first to discontinue watching the evening news or stop checking your social media feeds, yet you will find that if you permit yourself to do this for just one month you will eliminate much stress and discomfort from your life.

The exciting news is that if you are not happy with your life today you have the power to consciously change it right away. This may be a new concept to you, or may not. If you have difficulty believing that your life experience is created by the power of your thoughts, take the challenge. It costs nothing to experiment with positive affirmations to determine the impact they may have on your life. You have nothing to lose by experimenting with affirmations. You only have the world to gain!

Attitude is the Most Important Thing

The basic principle of looking at a half full or half-empty glass is your viewpoint of life and that determines your attitude. If you think everything has to be given to you for free, you are setting yourself up for big disappointment. You will spend a lot of time being angry because you will soon discover that nothing comes to you for free. Centering on who you are and what you have will shift your attitude and make you more humble. Recognize what you do have in life.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Living within the confines of routine life results in feelings of being uncertain, frustrated, and low, largely because of the monotony that is involved. There is also a big sense of depression because you can't see any opportunities or possibilities of advancement or betterment of your current state. If such chances do come your way, you are hesitant to pursue them because you become doubtful that they will work to your advantage. Such thoughts make way for several other people that are of no productive consequence. Thoughts that life would have been better off if you were born into a rich family, or if you had attended a better school, do nothing to remedy your situation.

There is a lack of self-belief and as a consequence when you stop asserting yourself – you give yourself up to fate and begin allowing things to just happen for you. Such a life is spent seeking the approval of peers; there is no personal initiative to step outside the little circle of thought and venturing to the unexplored. For these reasons, your life becomes full of anxiety, a passive and defensive attitude, doubt, fear, and diminished self-esteem. This isn't a lifestyle you will enjoy.

Break out of your comfort zone. Positive thought affirmations are ideal for individuals who wish to step out of their zones of comfort. They work by asserting a faith and optimism in the self. Self-belief is created and this inspires individuals to create changes that they wish to see in their lives. This is strictly through self-control and effort. Naturally, the first step has to be the erasure of your negative inner talk, which has a big effect in shaping the thoughts, which confine you to the small circle that is your comfort zone.

Stepping Out Into the Positive

As you create your affirmations ensure that they are positive. Let the affirmations convince you. Let them be brief but emotionally and mentally intense. They must be in the first person because they are only meant for you. With this said and done, start repeating the affirmations fervently. Using visualization and creating mental images of success will serve you well. The positive affirmations are to reprogram the subconscious. Repeating the affirmations every day is required if the reprogramming is to work. Ensure that you are calm and collected when you are doing this. If impossible, record your affirmations on your phone or a voice recorder and listen to them on repeat in your sleep. This has proved to be the most effective technique by far. Realize that affirmations complement your efforts. Half-hearted efforts to get out of your comfort zone will not pay off. The effort has to be wholehearted.

Affirmations & Manifestations

Learning the art of attraction and manifestation will help us achieve what we want in life, by focusing in on what we want. The law of attraction states that we draw into ourselves anything we focus on. Studies have shown that where relationships are concerned, ‘like attracts like’ and what we focus on becomes manifested into our reality. This is what the law of attraction is. We create our own reality. We do this already because our reality is shaped by our thoughts and beliefs based on what we were taught and believed since childhood. Think of the adage, 'Life is what you make it.

Stay On Track

Let's bring everything together you have learned so far. Know that fulfilling your dreams is the purpose of your life. It is exercising your strengths and talents to contribute to the greater good of all. Know that fulfilling your dreams is your destiny. Never give anyone permission to take this powerful force away from you. Decide what you want in life. This may change during your life, so evaluate your goals and dreams every few years. Align with your long-term goals and adjust your short-term goals.

Know your strengths, talents and gifts. Also, know your weak areas, exercise your strengths and get help from others for your weak areas. Understand that you have unlimited attention. Decide where you want to put your attention. Limit the areas where you waste your attention. Increase the areas where you want results.

Use your imagination as a virtual playing field. Imagine what it feels like to have reached your goals. Imagine what it feels like when you live your dreams. Contemplate your beliefs. Your beliefs create reality. Replace non-supporting beliefs with beliefs that support your goals and dreams.

Use a vision board to manifest your dreams. Buy a large board and start pinning up your dreams. Use words and pictures that show exactly what you want in life. Put this board in a place where you can see it each day. Spend some time each day and let any imaginative thoughts and feelings flow through you. Your subconscious will immediately begin to work on turning your dreams into reality. Acting on these possibilities will finally bring your dreams to life!

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