How To Get Motivated To Do Anything

Get Motivated & Inspired To Boost Your Energy Levels & Achieve Results Fast

What Does It Mean To Be Motivated?

Self-motivation is the single most important element in keeping an individual interested and committed to finishing a set task.

The doubt factor that is always present in every scenario requires some level of motivation to ensure the doubt is kept in check or at bay. In life, it is not always possible to only do things or be exposed to things that only bring pleasure.

Stay Motivated

There will be times when some discipline is required to get through a task even if it is uncomfortable and displeasing, and here is where one needs to be self-motivated.

Some of the things that may help an individual to stay motivated are as follows:

  • Keeping the end goal in clear focus. When the end goal is imprinted in the mind’s eye, then the body and mind will be able to subconsciously condition themselves to suit the needs of the individual to complete the task set.

  • Continuously reminding one’s self of the capabilities and the conviction that it is possible to finish the task. This continual reminder will then translate into a zest and even the chemical reaction within the body and mind that produces the extra energy to keep going.

  • Stepping back and viewing the task in its present percentage of accomplishment will also help to create a further motivational level to complete it. "I didn't come this far to only come this far."

  • Facilitating little rewards to be enjoyed as each level in the task is achieved can also be a good motivational tool.

Understand Yourself & Where You Need Work

Most people just try to get through each day without really learning to appreciate it for all it has to offer. More so in today's fast-paced world, there is very little opportunity to stop and think let alone indulge in something that may be enjoyable to pursue. There is always the thought that “I will do it tomorrow or someday.” Sometimes, however, there is a need to stop and assess one’s life to ensure the zest for living is still very much alive and well.


In the process of taking a clear and serious look at one’s life to date, several different questions should be asked and addressed to help the individual lead a more fruitful and motivating daily life. In pursuing this, the individual will then be able to find happiness and contentment as the motivation levels will be higher than ever.

Having a goal in life that is both rewarding and achievable in the eye of the individual is what is going to keep the said individual on track and in success. Doing something that really brings joy and peace should not be considered a privilege as it is possible to work towards finding something that brings on these positive feelings with a little focused understanding of one’s self.

When this is clearly understood, the mind and the body will work together to make the circumstances possible to achieve anything desired. The inspiration needed to carry the mindset to completing tasks will be the dominating factor.

Being able to identify what area of activities most benefits and excites the individual is also another advantage worth exploring. When one is excited about something there is very little need to push it to success.

Keep A Positive Mindset

Positive people are not only a joy to be around but they are also the people that get things done. Mostly they get whatever they work towards because of the motivation they utilize to always look at things from a positive mindset. Lastly, it takes more energy to be negative than positive.

Altering Thinking

There are several ways to keep the negative elements or mindset away and from possibly causing problems from within.

  • Always try to stay calm in every situation. Panic does not help and can even cause irrevocable changes.

  • Forcing one’s self to keep a gentle tone will in turn force the body chemicals to react better to the situation and thus work towards causing the mind to slowly calm down and relax.

  • Always make it a habit to look for as many positive elements as possible in any given negative situation. When one constantly trains to look for the positive, the chances of letting the situation overwhelm and cause other negative vibes can be controlled successfully.

  • Being around equally positive people will always prove to be a wise choice indeed. Positive people focus on staying positive no matter what the situation is, as opposed to being only able to stir up negative points.

  • Realizing that constantly taking the negative stand will only bring deeper and larger problems should be enough of a reason to start being positive.

  • Learning from mistakes is sometimes the best way to move forward. This gives the individual a chance to exercise skills perhaps unknown or buried deep within. It can also be very satisfying when the negative is turned into a positive.

  • Listening to positive motivational messages and talking to people who advocate a constant positive mindset are also encouraged. The tips they impart can be invaluable.

Associate With Positive People

As previously mentioned there are a lot of merits in ensuring a positive mindset. Therefore going a step further and making the conscious effort to surround one’s self with positive people always will be the best formula to follow.


If an individual is seriously interested in becoming a better person, the first wise step is to ensure that those within their inner circle or those in constant contact with them are always positive.

The general wisdom behind this thinking is that whatever positive practices and values held by these positive-minded associates will eventually be copied and practiced by the individual too.

Negative people always find reasons to drag themselves and those around them down. Remember, "misery lacks company." Perhaps it is because they are more comfortable if everyone else is miserable too.

However, positive people will take the time and effort to impart or impact as many positive values as they can to someone interested in achieving the same positive outlook in life as them.

Among the positive characteristics of positive people are the ability to be enthusiastic about almost anything, an uncanny zest for life, a willingness to try anything, cheerful, inspired are just a few to name. All these character traits are very enticing to be a part of and if an individual is open to being led then it is possible to learn to look at things through the eyes of these positive people and thus really begin to enjoy life.

Put Your Goal Where You Can See It

This not only applies to having this goal firmly imprinted in the mind’s eye but also physically visible as much as possible.

Look At It

If the goal or task is visible physically and mentally the battle to keep the task featured as a constant and important factor daily is achieved. Having the physical presence of the goal in plain sight keeps the individual focused until the end desired results are achieved.

Some of the ways that can be used successfully are putting up visual aids that depict the desired goal. Others may include keeping a log or list of sorts to chart the progress made towards achieving the goal. Some go as far as to have a replica of what they want to achieve made, such as a manifestation board. The idea is to keep the goal as visible as possible through any means available to keep the motivation levels as high and as constant as possible.

If the goal in question can be successfully broken up into different stages then keeping a chart that visibly tracks the progress of the task toward the end achievement, helps to create the necessary satisfaction levels within the individual in the visibility of the progress at hand. The nearer the end becomes visible the more the adrenaline levels will rise and thus produce more energy and zest to see the task perhaps achieved at a quicker pace. Getting friends to help keep track of the progress with the individual also helps to keep the goal in focus.

Reward Yourself For Small Advancements

Rewards are always a wonderful thing to receive especially if the efforts put into a task to achieve the rewards have been quite monumental. Rewards are also a great way to keep motivated and focus on the task to see it to completion.


Breaking a task into sections has many merits one of which is it allows the individual or those involved in the task process to be able to physically see the progress and monitor it accordingly.

This also creates the opportunity to pass out little rewards when each stage is achieved. Rewards are a great incentive to ensure those involved in the task can stay focus and committed to seeing the said task to successful completion.

However, the types of rewards and the methods linked to meriting the rewards should be carefully considered lest it turns out to have adverse effects instead.

Drawing up a system that charts the progress and associates the different stages to different rewards given out should be done early on in the project framework. The rewards chosen should match the progress made.

Choosing the right rewards is very important as it is supposed to act as an incentive and the wrong array of rewards may not cause those involved to be motivated but instead cause them to doubt their contribution values to the success of the project. This can indeed have a very damaging result on the morale and general attitude towards keeping up the motivation to succeed.

Rewards that are tailored to bring on the excitement and satisfaction when a certain level in the project is reached will not only cause the added zest needed it will also contribute to the individual working harder to achieve the next level of advancement to be rewarded again. This new found added zest is beneficial as these spurts of energy also bring new life into the project at every few stages.

Don’t Forget To Get Excited

Staying excited is a very important tool to ensure the mindset does not give up halfway through the project started. This will not only be a bad habit to pick up it will also cause detrimental effects in the long run.


The excitement factor will always be able to motivate an individual to keep moving forward toward achieving the goals set. This key ingredient is what attracts people to consider or embark on a project. Those who stay excited have the positive mindset that is required and also necessary to ensure the success of any project or endeavor.

Sharing the ideas in the intended project with others helps to keep the excitement levels high. When a person is passionate about their endeavors it shows clearly in the way they talk about the project.

This excitement more often than not carries over to the others listening. There are even scientific researches done that attest to the proven facts that there are a lot of positive chemical changes that happen in the body system when the excitement levels are apparent.

Setting checkpoints and dates at every juncture of the project has its benefits in keeping the excitement levels high. Whenever these checkpoints are successfully met the individual or group experiences another level of satisfaction which in turn creates the positive element of excitement.

Believing strongly in the project is also another way to remain excited about the project. If the belief is strong then any negative encounters along the way can be easily overcome because of the excitement levels that can counter these setbacks that may occur

from time to time. Most people who passionately believe in themselves and their abilities to successfully achieve anything are usually very well balanced and success orientated people.

Learn To Be Dedicated

Dedication is also another prerequisite to being able to achieve many things impossible or otherwise. It is often one of the most important factors needed to be in place and evident even before a project is embarked upon.

Stay Focused

Some of the ways to stay as dedicated as possible are as follows:

• Having a love for what is required in terms of work processes in the project is important. Those people who tend to focus on the end goal rather than what it takes to get there, soon find out that they are on a rather unhappy and stressful journey. This then shifts the dedication commitment levels which can cause serious problems and effects on the project in question.

• Being dedicated is also being persistent. If the persistency element is evident then the individual can work hard and do whatever is required to complete any endeavor started.

• Keeping a suitable and workable routine is also helpful as it shows the level of dedication involved. This not only helps the mindset but also allows the body to condition itself to work towards achieving the goal set.

• When the object of the goal brings a certain level of personal gratification and at the same time is also for the good of others the dedication levels an individual is prepared to extend can be phenomenal.

• Seeking help along the way may also show that the individual is very committed to completing the task. When faced with a problem that requires the expertise that the individual does not have, seeking outside help is one way of staying true to the project and maintaining the dedication levels.

• Being able to move forward when mistakes are made also requires a certain dedication level. The dedication levels evident will dictate the lengths the individual is willing to go to achieve success.

Get Support From Others If Necessary

Standing alone is never a good idea when trying to achieve something. Everyone needs friends and family to provide the necessary encouragement and help that is sometimes required to see any endeavor to its successful end.

Some Suggestions

The support and encouragement from others can have very far-reaching and powerful effects. These elements play a huge part in helping the individual keep up the zest, will, or discipline to succeed.

Another reason it is important to have outside support is that sometimes those not immediately connected to the project or endeavor can see more clearly the situation and make helpful comments and give helpful advice. This is indeed invaluable to the individual who may be stuck in a rut and unable to see a way out.

Being open to accepting support can also create the circumstances for new relationships or opportunities to present themselves. These can bring about a more fruitful and positive outcome and perhaps even a new positive light to the whole project.

Getting support may also be necessary when a certain project unfolds into being more than the individual is capable of handling. Therefore any added support that can be garnered will be very helpful and the individual will not have to deal with the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Having the option of seeking support when needed also encourages those who lend the support to be able to bring a positive element into the otherwise slowly growing stressful situations.

How Procrastination Can Be A Downward Spiral

Procrastination can lead to a downward spiral. Here are some ways to avoid this destructive behavior pattern and some recommendations to help overcome an already procrastinating mindset.

Avoid Procrastination

Starting the day with a simple and non-demanding list of tasks would allow the individual to venture into getting accustomed to a routine and being focused on completing the items on the list within the time frame allotted. In taking this first small step the individual can experience the satisfaction of committing to completing tasks.

Without the practiced and sometimes forced ability to focus and start a task immediately, procrastination gains a foothold into the situation. Thus by forcing one’s self to begin and complete a task this negative element can be kept in check.

Sticking to tasks that can be immediately and easily done is one way to start the individual on actually achieving things daily. Learning to say “no” to a lot of things, and filtering only those that are immediately workable, will encourage the procrastinating nature to be abandoned.

Playing the waiting game is also another element that should be eliminated in the quest to avoid procrastination. Sometimes people develop the mindset of “ifs”, this causes them to wait around until a particular condition or scenario is evident before they are willing to act. This form of procrastination will eventually lead to a lot of lost time and effort on the part of others who are more than willing to get the project started.

People who make it a habit of putting off things, end up never getting anything done. If left unchecked this habit can snowball and cause irreparable damage to the individual and those around. Vocalizing the intention of doing something and actually doing it are two very different scenarios, consequently, procrastination is quite a destructive character trait. Get motivated.